Ben Cuddihy

Interviews are difficult enough, but if you add a busy life and a lack of preparation, you ultimately will not perform in front of an interview panel.  I have used Ralph Hunter a couple of times over the past years to assist me tune my mind to the task of interview preparation. This is where is added value is. He is great at written and oral presentation, but his ability to get you confident, focussed and ready for the panel are what make his coaching services very beneficial. Thanks Ralph!


APPRENTICE MECHANIC – CITY PEUGOT NEWSTEAD “During my time here at City Peugeot I have been shown all types of great things by the techs. And I must say, all the boys are great to work with. The Trade Entry Training program has been well worth doing. It has given me...


APPRENTICE MECHANIC – TORQUE HONDA NORTH LAKES “In Work has given me a fantastic opportunity to work as an apprentice mechanic. Even though I am female I am treated no differently.”


When I came to Ralph and Michelle, I was at a bit of a low point as most people come to at various stages when they feel like they haven’t accomplished what they wanted to by a specific time, or when you get a degree and feel like you’ve got nothing to show for it....

In Work
Australian Recruitment

In Work is well known as a Company with a very high reputation of professionalism, which has been a keystone for success in this industry over many years.

In Work was established by Managing Director, Ralph Hunter, also Managing Director of In Work International.